Monday, August 11, 2008

DSO August Color Challenge - August Memories FREEBIE

Ok this time I have a very pretty kit for you. I have been a bit under the weather so I had some time to do this challenge while resting around the house. Don't forget to leave me some love if you download my kits!

I was inspired by the August Color Challenge at DSO. Thinking of August, my favorite month, I reminisce that it is the month of my birth, a sunny, bright, summery time, with lots of birds flying around my back yard, stealing cat food from my cats bowl, they fly back and forth, scolding squirrels, chasing bunnies, etc. I think of the blue sky reflecting in my pool, the super green grass and trees here in Virginia and the bright beautiful solar round in the sky. I think DSO really chose the colors well.

I have never done a color challenge before and I had a great time making it. I have included the glitters I made to make elements so you can make text and what not.

Personal use only on the kit please, however, you do have permission to use it to decorate websites, stores, logos, etc. Just NO selling or using the kit for Commercial Usage.

To download each part just click on the image.


Have fun and enjoy playing with my new kit!