Thursday, October 30, 2008

CU Overlay Freebie 1

Hi I have a new cu freebie for you. I have a ton of overlays on my machine that I have made and I wanted to at least share a few with you. The TOU is included. I am not real strict but I dont want them sold in their original form. Have fun and thanks for the tons of awards!!!

My new store is called Sugar Plum Scraps but is no where ready at all. When it is I will let you know so that's why my new label is so sugar-sweet. LOL.
Bye and soon I should have some more awards going out to some very talented designers. Hugs!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Awarded Kreativ Blogger Award!

I am so thrilled I got another award. I am just really loving today!
Now I better get busy! This award came from Cindi at Designs by Cindi.  I ALSO GOT IT FROM Andrew at Scrappies by AD so I am gonna combine the two because I am short on time as usual.

Cindi, thank you I feel so honored to recieve this award. I appreciate your thoughtfulness.
This is really a cool opportunity to pick some "kreativ" blogs out. Yeahhh!!!!!

Andrew, thank you for thinking of me for this award.  I love it and I think you are an awesome artist and friend.  I am excited that you chose me for this award.  Thank you.

The gist of this award is to say 7 things I love and pass the award on to 7 people.

7 Things I love...

1.   My creator for making and loving me and for having mercy on my pitiful soul
2.   My husband for being the deepest and most awesome love one could have
3.  My children for giving me something bright and wonderful to live for
4.  My family for making me laugh
5.  The world around me because it is so beautiful
6.  My artwork because it is my passion
7.  My friends because without them I am nothing......

7 People I want to pass this award to:

1.  Monica Larsen at Monica Larsen Digital Designs.
2.  Gabs at EvitAngel
3.  Karen from Karen Lewis Designs
5.  Cathy Joe at Cathy Joe's Korner
6.  Norma @ Swheat Creations

Thanks everyone for your friendship and beautiful artwork!!!

An Award Yeah!!!!

I got an Award from Laura at Bitz N Bobs By Loz.

I am honored to recieve this award. I think I am so happy to have so many beautiful friends out there who care! I think Laura is especially talented and I absolutely love her templates. She is tops!!! I really am grateful to recieve this award from Laura! Thanks doll!

Woo hoo! Ok I better get busy picking winners. I have a bunch of awards to follow up on!

I am going to pair this award with the one I got below to make things easier.

~What a beautiful day~

Wow more awards. I am so happy. Gonna have to figure out how to take care of them all. I love such a public display of friendship and affection and honestly my friends I love you all and thank you for your support. I hope my slowness in passing out awards does not get anyone upset, I will eventually catch up.

Blessings this way have come and from this way they will also come!!!

Sending lots of love out to my online friends!

Poetry From Me - Use Your Heart Wisely

Sorry I have been so busy I have not even posted my winners. I will today I think. I have been preparing a list.

However here is some poetry I wrote this morning. Hope you like it.

Use Your Heart Wisely

Working even though you must
Among the vixens, devils and the dust
Come at dawn I mere not say, but however
You are there till no sun is left in the day.

My soul forever is gone to you,
To no other man can it ever be,
A feeling deep within the depths of trust
I know you have given way to me.

When you are near me, sleeping in darkness,
I know your dreams must be of light,
Beauty and love sucumb to your wishes,
Because you tempt me with all your might.

Within my heart, flesh and mind,
I find myself cherishing day and time,
For with you spent is my whole life,
Feeling fortune made me your wife.

How can I relieve your woes,
The working everlasting stress,
The one which makes your heart weak and pain,
How can I make your youth regained.

My sweet, my sweet, I say to you,
To work with ferverence and your heart must be true,
For safe you keep us in your hold,
And true your devotion to love you behold.

How sweet my memory of each time you are near,
I worry my heart would not be able to bear,
Lost to me if you would be,
I can not bear it, I can not bear the thought my sweet.

Your finger types though weary and flat,
Keep your words carefully you must,
Though I feel your want of caring
I worry for your heart is tiring.

Please love tis due time for you to find peace.
Do not give in to the thiefs.
The ones who take your life and soul,
Those minds who would wish your demise.

Be safe my love, be careful, take care,
You know they covet your brilliant thoughts.
To take your work and oh so swiftly they would,
and leave you behind like a carcass they will.

Be wary with life's precious breath
Surely to invest it wisely, my love, my hope,
Because life is oh so short and so sweet
and soon comes death,
Risk your life, do not my dove.
Take care my love, take care.