Thursday, September 18, 2008

A really great artist and scrapbook enthusiast I wanted to share was Kanela's Xpressions. I just wanted to share that I just bought two of her adorable kits for a really good price and I think she is so talented. Look at her adorable work... It is so cute I am giving her a thumbs up and a link from my site!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Commercial Usage Script - Gift Box 1

I am putting up a new script for sale. It's a cute gift box with a bow and flowers on it.

I understand it is expensive to buy scripts so I am making them reasonably priced at $2.00. I offer paypal and payloads so you can instantly get your download right after payment.

This script is open ended so you can further manipulate the move the flowers around, etc. The nice thing is you can also take the flowers layers, bow and box layers separately and use them in your kit.

K3D CU Gift Box 1 PSP Script $2.00

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Thanks for looking.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

CU Elven Elements

I have a surprise for you but unfortunately it is not free. These elven renders are perfect for art collages, art projects, digital scrapbooking, etc. Feel free to use them in commercial projects.

If you want to see them close up you can just click the image and see the quality. Rendering 3D characters is very time consuming and greatly computer resource intensive. They are also fun and beautiful to use.

Cost: $5.00

You can buy them directly from my blog via Paypal. I will also have them at my other store shortly.

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