Friday, September 12, 2008

Hi Friends,

I am not usually a tagger. I don't even know where to begin with tagging, But I love to make stuff and I downloaded these really cute templates which I never used before and so here is what I made...LOL...they are pretty cute! I got the templates here at BitsNBobsByLoz.

Here is what I made....

Doesn't everyone just desire a cute little kitten even if they are allergic to it? I sure do and man do they make me have a serious allergy attack. Unless I only hold them for 1-2 minutes and then wash like crazy, take a hundred allergy pills and have my inhaler handy. I will be lucky if my eyes don't swell up so bad I can't see.

I can actually pet my cat with my foot but It is an outdoor cat and it won't let me pet it. I do have a Maltese dog too but I let my husband and kids do all the petting. I am not allergic to him per say but a lot of the grass and dirt he gets on him makes me itch so I only pet him occassionally but he is well trained by his human mommy and he is a good doggie so he gets lots of treats and he gets to live inside. He actually will let me pet him with my foot or My feet do not tend to react quite as bad as my hands and wrists so I can give him a gentle pet with my foot when he lays by me and then I don't have to run to the hospital just for petting him.

Well you must think I have the worlds worst allergies but honestly they are only the second worst. Just grass, hayfever, cats, dogs, horses, 10 kinds of dustmites, shrimp *wah* and anything else that I am not sure of like probably ragweed, and other miscellaneous pets.

Did I say I am allergic to teenagers....Oh darn I have a couple of those but they keep making me itch cuz they won't stop buggin me. Ok just kidding. I love all my pesky teens.

You know I am slightly allergic to them because they are always taking all my money for the mall, taking my car and my husbands car constantly, taking my credit card to 7-11 for junk food, bringing over loads of friends who eat all the household food, kissing with other teenagers which we try to prevent by not reminding them to brush their teeth(jk), buying lots of pay per views, running up the bill on our Blockbuster card and then going to the movies with our money, ah, lets see, playing loud music in the house which means I can't focus, it puts me in to anaphalactic teenager shock.

And then there are the pre-teens. I have one of those. She bugs the teens which means I get yelled at and then there is the little kindergarten child who bugs the preteen. They both eat all the ice cream in the house and all the cookies and gheesh what is left for poor ole mommy? Diet bars and Diet Microwave Meals, Sigh, because you know no matter how much Poor Ole Mommy runs her bootie off there is still more work to be done, more laundry to be washed and no weightloss from all that runnin!

Well have a happy and beautiful day and thanks for listening to my silliness. I love all my beautiful children, no matter how much craziness they put me through. I am a very blessed mother!!!

I also love all my friends for leaving me lovely messages so don't forget to leave me some love. I know you all get busy but I really like hearing your comments so I know if you like or don't like my work.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

CU PSP Script K3D Flowered Branch 1

I have a really nice share for you today. It works great with colors, gradients and patterns. This is a FREEBIE. Hope you have fun with it. I have lots more coming for sale but I have been so busy working on my house I have gotten a bit behind. If you want to share it just share the link to the blog please. Please make sure and leave me some love cuz I love to share when people remember to give some!

Tested with no problems.

Click picture above or download here.

Thanks again to Peggy for the award she gave me earlier!!!

Well talk about happy. I am feeling so spoiled. I got my new High Efficiency Bosch Washer and Dryer. They rock. The washer is so quiet. And the only downfall is you have to buy laundry soap that has HE on it for High Efficiency. However my washer barely uses any water and has a eco mode to save water. The best part is that I can do the sanitize/steam thing to my clothes. Wow no more dust mite buggers making me itch. Yes I am allerific...meaning terrific but struck with moderately bad allergies...hahah.
The other cool thing is it cleans much faster and dries much faster and this makes me happy.
I got through tons of loads already. Maybe 10 since this morning at 5 am.
I am rocking and a rolling out the laundry. LOL.

Ok I am done gloating. I had to call my husband this morning to thank him for letting me get them. Now I better get my lazy butt on my treadmill.


I got an Award!!!

Hi friends.

Again I am very excited because another of my wonderful online friends gave me an award today!!! I am going to have to share something special to celebrate.

It was from Penny.....from Penny Duncan Creations!!!!

Penny is an extremely creative gal whose blog I love exploring! She is so talented and has a lot of wonderful crafty ideas. Thank you Penny for thinking of me.

I will be listing my next bunch of favorite artists shortly to share this award with!

These seem to be the rules....

1.The winner can put the logo on her blog
2. Link the person you received your award from.
3. Nominate at least 7 other blogs.
4. Put links of those blogs on yours.
5. Leave a message on the blogs of the girls you’ve nominated.

OK I have decided who to nominate:

1. Delicious Scraps -
2. Tagger Scraps
3. Designs by Dede - Dede
4. The Scrapping Cop - Deb
5. Kittz Creationz - Kittz
6. Gothic Inspirations - Jessica
7. Candy's Treats - Diane

I will be busy posting their links and notifying them so Congratulations to my favorite bloggers.

I am in a particularly great mood since I got my new high efficiency washer and dryer yesterday and now this lovely blog award! Let me go see what I can share to celebrate. Be back shortly with a surprise!