Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Distracting Background,,,,

Ok bear with me on this background set. I had to do something. I know it is bright and distracting. I am making a new one as we speak. But at least it was fun and I learned how to customize my background. So have fun at my blog and be patient as I update it...



Tuesday, August 26, 2008

CU Butterfly 1 Monochrome PSP Script Freebie


I am back with a nice little gift for you today. I am sending a script your way. When I first started making scripts recently they didn't get written right at first. I made this one in black and white by accident. However that is to your advantage. It should make itself in monochrome and you can re-color at your convenience. I also had a little change of mind with the antennae which I ended up removing one. This script is open ended and stops in layers so you can further manipulate it. Overall it comes out well and I thought I would share it. Personal and Commercial Use allowed. No guarantees on this script. Made and tested in PSP X. Have fun.

Click image above or download here. Leave me some love...



I am a 3D Artist so Please forgive my logo....

I just wanted to share for the record that my logo is actually some kind of mythical tree spirit or something fantasy based it is not a demon. I am a Christian for the record and have been my entire life, however I do 3d art a lot which may depict mythical, mystical creatures, fantasy type art, with dragons, warriors, princes and princess, angels and devils, spirits and ghosts, depicting battles, and other mythical situations.
I never have personally believed in any of that stuff nor do I believe in fairies however I do render them quite a bit because it is my artistic way to render lots of different things especially fantasy characters scantily clad, muscle clad men in loin cloths, creatures, monsters and dragons because it is fun for me and a challenge to draw, paint or render them in 3d. To me it is only fantasy stuff and I know the difference between fantasy and reality. I hope it doesn't offend anyone but I am re-doing my site soon anyway so please do not be scared by it. I usually do not put my 3d art on this site so I will soon be changing my theme to suit my scrapping hobbie. I hope never to offend anyone. That said I can get back to my day!!!!

Be Colored Brightly To Be Released Soon!

Sorry my Be Colored Brightly kit is taking a bit. I am just reviewing each piece to make sure the dpi is 300. It will be out shortly and then I will be releasing my PSP Scripts.

I am gonna go see what nice little freebie I can put up today....



Sunday, August 24, 2008

CU PSP Scripts

Hi to my friends!!!

I have been working on new scripts for PSP. I have lots of pretty flower scripts, frame scripts and much much more. I will be putting them up for sale soon. I have been using PSP since almost the beginning so I decided I should work on some scripts for sale.

I am creating them in PSP X.

These scripts are open ended and are finished on separate layers, wings, bodies, flower petals and middle sections, frames and ribbons are all on separate layers so you can re-color or further manipulate them so your end product is very customizable. I also made them interactive where ever possible so that you can customize them while they are running.

Here are some previews of a few I have packaged but not quite ready for sale. Check back with me soon, I should have them uploaded for sale in a few days.

Send me a post and let me know what you think.