Monday, November 24, 2008

So tired but so happy.

Wow look at this pretty tag I made from a template from Bits N' Bobz by LOZ. Thanks Laura for this beautiful tag and for the award. FEEL FREE TO USE IT!!!

Hi forgive me for having a white blog for a few days. I have not had time to find another picture host that will host larger images and photobucket is just not doing it for me. Maybe I will serve them myself but finding time to do it has been a big challenging lately.

Well the girls saw Twilight so they are definitely happy. I liked it too and had just finished the book anyhow.

Then they had to have new jackets since they were cold so we took them shopping...ugh...teens can shop forever and never like a thing you mention to them....

So while we were at the mall my wonderful hubby bought me a beautiful marquis anniversary ring at our favorite jewelry store. It has 7 marquis on it and it is just lovely, It is a carat total weight and really sparkly. What a wonderful surprise. It is not coming off my finger so someone will have to take the finger to get it off. LOL. I better get it one half size larger or it just may be stuck. Especially if I have a potato chip binge and my water levels get high from salt intake. I thought he was nice when he bought me my wedding ring, Holy cow that thing is 2 carats. He is spoiling me.

I had to buy a safe today since we have a new housekeeper starting and we have been robbed several times, the last girl took a cell phone and voila in 10 days we had a 500 dollar phone bill. I also had a safe stolen and sawed open(with my own saw) before by my son and nephew so this one is big and impossible to carry off. I was fortunate to get most of my jewelry back but many valuable things were lost such as my husbands military medals and a few precious items that were tiny and easy to lose. I did get most of the items back but it taught me that sometimes even family can steal.

Even your own child can steal from you which I never would have imagined in my younger years. But now I know they can. My son and nephew were mad because I exited them from my house at 18 after warning them for three months of the upcoming date and after giving them money to help with their rent and food they still were angry at me. But they refused to get up in the morning and were content with laying around all day refusing to go to college and failing to get to work on time. Quitting good jobs and not helping to pay rent. Not my problem the non-compliance was. Time to move out. Sitting on the floor throwing a fit, out partying all night long. You can't say they didn't deserve a reality check. Now they wish they had listened. They are lucky I did not press charges against them. They still love me and I still love them but my ability to deal with them has diminished, I know they have caused me a great deal of PTSD but what can I do. I just do not trust them anymore, that's all there is to it.

Well I got an award today from LOZ, I will have to get to that tomorrow. How exciting. I also have to go back and finish up one award. Then to getting some freebies posted. Bad me for taking so darn long. Hang in there while I catch up.

Love to all...and Happy Holidays. OOOppp remind me to defrost my turkey starting tomorrow.

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